How to make a cake for someone who likes Mykonos

  1. Get a cake board and cover it with all sorts of edible things that look like the shapes of buildings, such as cupcakes, ginger cake, mini muffins. Pile them up so they look like Greek buildings.
  2. Use jam to stick the layers together.
  3. Get ready-rolled icing and cover the whole lot with it.
  4. Get edible silver paint and paint the streets of Mykonos.
  5. Go to a fancy cake shop such as Salt and Pepper in Monmouth and buy expensive edible paint in a gorgeous blue.
  6. Pain the tops of the buildings with it. Miss Greece a lot. Get over it.
  7. Make a windmill with a few cocktails sticks/


Stick a tea light holder on it that you happen to have bought in Mykonos and there you have it.


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