How to make a cake for someone who likes nail varnish

  1. Get hold of some silicon cake trays.
  2. Get hold of loads of different colour food dyes.
  3. Make a huge batch of sponge mix.
  4. Scoop some mixture into each of the silicon trays.

    Add a drop, and I mean just a drop, to each of the sponge mixes and stir in well

  5. Put in the oven and bake for the usual time.
  6. In the meantime make upside icing. Make plenty.
  7. When the sponge is ready, allow it to cool well, which takes lots of patience. Then assemble the colours with a generous layer of icing between the layers.img_1319
  8. When you have assembled them all and it looks like it is about to fall over, cover the top and all the sides with icing as well.
  9. Unless you have the forearms of a good old farmer’s wife then do yourself a favour and splash out the £3.99 on ready rolled icing. It’s a total rip off but considering you have probably spent £40 on food dye that you will just slowly watch go sticky and unusable over the next few years, what’s another few quid.
  10. Roll the icing over the top of the cake and adorn how you choose. I chose glittery letters, roses that you can buy ready made from the supermarket, candy letters, and then iced on the person’s name in glittery ice pen, to make it look like the brand font of Barry M. Yeah, I know. Nice touch. No cake is complete without a bow, so I got some satin number and went to town.img_1371
  11. Now, on to the nail varnishes. These are all edible.I used marshmallows for the bases, and black liquorice for the handles. I painted each marshmallow a different colour, and rolled some in glitter, and some in sugared chunks to look like crystallised nail varnish. I put a cocktail stick inside the liquorice to pin it into the marshmallow base and keep it in place. A spot of icing sugar on the base of the marshmallow will help it adhere to the foil covered cake board. Oh yeah, put all this on a cake board.
  12. Then sit back and watch everyone go wooooo when they see the rainbow inside.

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