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There is a fantastic open-air museum at Ballenberg, near Interlaken, at the very center of Switzerland. It is beautifully organized in woodland and meadow, to represent a geographical map of Switzerland, depicting by area a historical collection of rural buildings from the 15th to the 19th century. All of the structures were brought from their original locations and rebuilt on the site of the museum. Switzerland, because of its central location has a huge variety of different architectural styles, so no one style can said to be typical or dominant. As a general rule most are built on a stone foundation with the upper levels constructed in wood, with roofs of wooden shingles. The experience of walking through the museum is like physically traveling back through time. You can enter most of the buildings and because they are still mostly in their original state, complete with hanging clothes, kitchen utensils…

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Broken Light Collective

Photo taken by a woman who has suffered from severe depression. She hopes that by telling her story that she will help fight stigma, and help people to understand things like self-harm that seem so hard to understand. She would also like to help other people suffering to feel less alone, and maybe even share the spark of hope.

About this photo: “It took me fifteen minutes of searching through every drawer in my house, but I finally found the one piece of orange clothing that I have. I’m wearing orange in honor of Self-Injury Awareness Day. I know every day is some other awareness day, but this one happens to mean a lot to me. As someone who has been down the path of self-harm, and had people I love dearly who have been there, I feel terribly and empathize for all who are suffering enough to self-harm…

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