November Meetup 2014 – I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

The book
I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, a thriller chosen by Nadia.

We loved….
…the fast pace and the ability the book had to take everyone’s minds off real life.

…that Michelle brought along her fantastic questions in a very apt brain games books.

…that we have a new member, Julie.

We didn’t love….
…that he says there are tides in the Mediterranean!

We agreed…
…that it was a good book for escaping reality, and that it reminded people of the Da Vinci code. The only problem is that some people loved the Da Vinci code and others hated it! We agreed that it was clear to see that it had been written by a screen writer and that it would work well as a film.

We disagreed….
…about the quality of the book. My favourite quote of the night:

A: ‘I read it in four days and I loved it’

B: ‘I read it in four days and I loathed it’.

Some people loved the horror writing and others thought it was unnecessary. Some people said that after reading it they felt as though they had eaten a whole box of chocolates and felt sick afterwards. Some felt that it was full of national stereotypes. Others loved the fast pace and the insight into his world.

We digressed….
… and talked about whether it is ok to do evil in order to do good,  created a very exciting book reviewing system, and also discussed good books about Autism/Aspergers, including The Rosie Project, The Language of Others, and Loving Mr Spok.

Reviewed by:
Judy J, Judy D, Chris Andrews,  Robin, Michelle, Carol, Julie, Nadia, Paul, Zuhal, Lydia, and me. Reviews ranged from a shocking 2.5 right up to 7.5. Once I’ve done a quick degree in Maths I’ll work out a way to show our figures.

Next month…
Haroun and the Sea of Stories  by Salman Rushdie (chosen by Judy D)  White Hart, Llangybi, Weds 17th Dec, 7:30pm.