Reading Between the Wines bookclub

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When I moved back to my local area I was unable to find a place where I could drink wine and spout off my opinions about books. The only places I could find had a ‘one in one out’ waiting list (code for ‘we have to wait for one of the members to die’) or they involved reading Ruth Rendall in a chinzy lounge eating overly buttered sandwiches. So I decided in February 2013 to see if I could rustle up a tipsy book club for lovers of liquor and literature, called Reading Between the Wines (read this for more ramblings about why I love it so much, and for tips on how to start your own).

The people lucky enough to live in South Wales are able to meet monthly on the last Wednesday of the month, in Monmouthshire (contact me for more details).

But…with my bookish friends living so far and wide it’s also a virtual online book club.  If you can’t make it then you can still input suggestions for books and themes, and just read the book and share ideas on it from wherever you are in the world, hopefully with a glass of wine.  We have recruits in Spain, Scotland, and a corner of Tazmania already. Each month we will have a book listed, read it and join the discussion.

It’s open to friends, strangers, people new to the area, people who read constantly, people who’ve never finished a book in their life, people who just want the wine and who are just going to pretend they’ve read the book…. It’s also for anyone who has a lust for all things literary, to share favourite books, quotes, info on events, author info, book suggestions, articles etc.

The club sparked an interest for BBC Radio Wales and in June 2013 I was invited in to the studio to talk live on air about what we do, and they also set us a book to review for July 2013 and came along to that meeting to record our discussion.

Search the book review category to see the write ups of each meeting that I get around to writing about.

To be kept up to date with events or to join the discussion please ‘like’ my page:

See our booklist and reviews here.

Or ask to join the group:

For more info email me at

Follow us on Twitter: @Read_Btwn_Wines


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