Bloody Brilliant Blogs

Here are some of my favourite people on the internet, who make me smile and always teach me stuff.

For Literature  lovers:

  • Reading Zola This is a collaborative blog, and one day maybe I can say something clever enough to allow me to post on it. I should probably finish a Zola book first.

For people obsessed with Italy:

  • Surviving in Italy Now, this lassy is just about as funny and spot on about living in Italy as you can find. From posts about getting her mother-in-law’s hair caught in a hairdryer, to discussions about why all Italian men are cheaters, there is always something to entertain. And if you fancy something a little darker then you can head to her more personal blog Dirty Filthy Things to read some of her suicide letters (more entertaining than it sounds).

For people who like to make things:

  • The Hook Nook An inspiration to not let life get in the way of your creations. This crochet queen suffers from chronic back pain but stays positive and encouraging all the time.

For people who like to draw and paint:

  • Layla Holzer Bored of cutesy illustrations? Head over to Layla’s site for some very well-educated unsettling and fairy tales that will make you question everything. Handy if you have a penchant for wolves.

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