Ramsay and Rose, a writing duo

I know a really good writer.

I like her work so much that I have given her no choice but to team up with me and become a writing duo. We met on the Open University Advanced Creative Writing course and I fell in love with her rather twisted view of the world. Together we are going to use our little patch of cyberspace to post flash fiction and poetry while we continue on our writing journey, getting better with every sentence.

Some of the material may be a duplication of what I also post on here, but there are times when a little added anonymity is just what the doctor ordered so that you can be slightly freer to write about that time you did that thing that no one talks about anymore but that is just too deliciously twisted not to turn into a story.

To follow us just head over to www.ramsayrosewriters.wordpress.com

Feedback and comments on our work is most welcome, and we are also interested in showcasing other writers so do get in touch with the contact us page if you would like us to consider your work.  There will be a different theme each month to help give a little direction to those gorgeous stories of yours, just waiting to be told.

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