How to make a cake for someone who is a guitarist

  1. Buy a guitar cake mould.
  2. Put a shed load of cake mix into the mould and bake it. I went for a good old trusty chocolate number.
  3. Use a wire thing for levelling cakes to make sure you cut all the mounds off the cake and make it flat.
  4. Tip it out of the mould when cool. Tip it directly onto the surface you are planning to serve it on.
  5. Use ready-rolled icing and cover the cake. Patt it in tight to the base and use a sharp knife to cut around the shape of the guitar.
  6. Get loads of people to help you. Ideally get one of them to be a guitarist themselves so you don’t put 14 strings on.
  7. Use loads of orange and red food dye to make a guitar colour and paint the icing. To get a more wooden effect you can use a dry bristled brush and dab it in a slighter darker shade, and lightly brush it over the icing so that it leaves slight streaks.

  8. Paint the bit down the middle (yes, that is the technical term) black.
  9. Use white icing pens for the strings once the black dye is dry.
  10. Use white chocolate buttons for the tuning screws.
  11. Use silver edible balls for the ball type things at the base of the strings. No, I’m not a musician, can you tell?
  12. Stick a candle in it and bask in all the glory.guitar-cake

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