Urban graffiti style beanie for the cool kids

Very happy how this turned out. 

It was my first time using Debbie Bliss Milano wool. It is an aran weight yarn but when you feel it in your hands it seems to be double knitting weight. I used 5mm needles as recommended but this left qite noticeable gaps between the wool. I wanted the effect of a closer knit so I dropped down to 4.5mm halfway through for the shaping, and much prefer the effect. 

I adore how it looks but in all honestly it’s not the most enjoyable yarn to work with, just because of the string like quality to it. Worth it for the final effect, though. 

Yellow heart shaped earring holder

I use this to store my earrings by my bed but I originally made it to be a tea light holder.
This was very easy to make. I rolled out some clay, making sure it was deep enough for a tea light. I placed some lace on top of the clay and rolled over it with a rolling pin to get the lace pattern embedded in the clay. Then used I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the shape. I then used a cut away tool to scoop out the hollow in the middle for a tea light. Smooth the edges around the heart and you’re done 🙂 pop in the kiln then glaze it how you like. Use a pale glaze instead of underglaze though- they accentuate the pattern much more than an underglaze.
Happy making!