Art Gallery and Museum in Chelters

Had a fab day out today wandering and looking at art. Here is stuff from today’s exhibition. Wandered round for ages and found loads of little gems. My fave things to remember for portfolio stuff…

Sutherland’s painting of  Welsh border destruction. Post war house bomb stuff. dark reds, browns, cubist bits, sharpness, wood. Entitled: Devastation – house on the Welsh Border. Date: 1940


Charles Gere – Newham-on-Severn. Below is a different painting in the same still, by Gere…images-2

Roger Ackling – Driftwood. Stripes on it. Part of Exhibition called ‘Surreal Connections: Encounters’ …images

Vanessa Bell: Window Still life 1915, oil on canvas…08

William Scott: Frying pan, cups and eggs, 1973, colour lithograph. LOVED this. very fun.


Sophie Ryder: Minotaur with Acrobats. A bizarre green thing. copper wire. 1997 … below is not the work I saw but similar, and want to remember her to look at again. was a lovely little piece but can’t find it online.


Saw lots of panoramic painting which I’ve never seen. Done in 1764!!! by anonymous artists. Also one done by Thomas Robins the elder in 1745 of Charlton Park…

Saw some 18th c earthenware with weird patterns on.

Also like John Hoskins Standing Figure in steel 1963, a progressive sculptor in South Gloc…images-1Tomorrow I’m going to spend the day drawing horses and their movement. It will help free me up for life drawing in the evening. Will hopefully have done a lot of drawing by the time I go to sleep tomorrow. The 11thMarch (1st interview) is fast approaching.

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