Art of the day – schieleĀ 

I’ve just spent an hour looking at 100s of his pieces to choose from and decided that I’m all vagina’d out for the day. 

Here are two of my favourite Schiele drawings. I like that they both have eyes closed in each picture and the way he scribbles in the colour of the stockings and hair. 

So much inspiration for stories in these two pieces. Bollocks to writing promts such as ‘you see a knife, you pick it up, what next…?’ I’m solely turning to art now for promts. 

liebende, 1909 – Egon Schiele

liebende, 1909 – Egon Schiele

Art of the day – Velasquez

I want this dress to wear to work. Tomorrow. Someone sort it out please. I’ve realised a sad fact today and that is that I don’t own any dresses that force me to hold me arms out at 45 degrees.

Such a stunning painting. But I’m sad that she’s sad. 

I love turning to paintings for writing inspiration. My next character is going to rock a mahoooosive skirt for sure. 

Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Blue Dress by Velasquez