Rowan Hobo

I adore this top. Until I put it on. Something about it doesn’t work with my body shape. I think it’s just that little bit too short so it makes me look like my waist is higher than it is, which I know sounds like it could be a good thing, but what actually happens is that it makes my hips look like they start higher up too, and that they are a few inches wider than they really are. None of this pleases me.

I do, however, like to look at this top from time to time and contemplate having the time to make another one that fits. It was my first ever non-scarf knitting project so I should be proud I suppose. I even got quite carried away with myself and embroidered a little ‘L’ for my name it.

rowan hobo 2009

Linen Stich ‘Mini Mania’ Scarf

This is the first of what will probably become many linen stitch scarves.

This was done using sock weight/fingering weight yarn and I used up all the old bits that I had, but I did end up buying a lot more than I should have because it’s far too tempting to keep adding more gorgeous shades to it. This one is around 650 stiches wide knitted on 4.5 mm circular needles.