Sugar Knits for the Spring

I had a shopping spree yesterday and have stocked up on some light bright yarns ready to knock up some colourful cowls and wonderful wrist-warmers to see you through the Spring. I will be posting photographs of the finished goods once I have enough of a range. Contact me for specific commissions.




Linen stitch giant scarf

I’m currently working on yet another linen stitch scarf. I’m getting addicted to these little beautiess for a number of reasons. They can be done while watching tv and films because there is no set pattern to follow and you can just linen stitch blissfully ignorant of having to count, and it also uses up all the odds and ends. This one is in double knit, 650 stitches wide. I think I prefer this to the fingering weight ones and they are just that little bit chunkier for the winter.


Linen Stich ‘Mini Mania’ Scarf

This is the first of what will probably become many linen stitch scarves.

This was done using sock weight/fingering weight yarn and I used up all the old bits that I had, but I did end up buying a lot more than I should have because it’s far too tempting to keep adding more gorgeous shades to it. This one is around 650 stiches wide knitted on 4.5 mm circular needles.